Alpine X800D-S906 MB Sprinter
Alpine X800D-S906 MB Sprinter

Alpine X800D-S906 MB Sprinter

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Toimitusaika 2 - 3 työpäivää

Alpine X800D-S906 on High-End tasoinen navigointisoitin Mercedes Sprinteriin (W906) 2006->, jolla saadaan runsaasti lisäominaisuuksia alkuperäiseen soittimeen verrattuna. 

Mukana kaikki tarvittavat asennustarvikkeet ja -ohjeet "Plug&play"-kytkentään. 

  • 8" High resolution näyttö
  • DVD-toisto
  • Bluetooth hands-free ja audiostreaming toiminnoilla
  • HDMI-liitäntä
  • USB-liitäntä
  • Säädettävissä puhelimen TuneIT-sovelluksella (android, iphone)
  • 4x50W vahvistinteho
  • Aikaviivesäädöt
  • Parametrinen taajuuskorjain
  • DAB-viritin
  • RDS
  • AUX-In: 2 A/V AUX sisäänmenoa
  • Mirror Link
  • Toimii MB-Sprinterin rattisäätöjen kanssa
  • Liitäntä lisänäytölle
  • iPhone-yhteensopiva
  • Android-yhteensopiva



  • Kattava 47 maan Euroopan kartasto
  • Suomenkieliset valikot ja opastukset
  • Valmiiksi päivitetty uusimmalla saatavissa olevalla kartalla
  • Uudet karttapäivitykset ladattavissa osoitteesta
  • Uudet päivitykset ostettavissa esim. pelkille pohjoismaiden kartoille
  • Osoitteen haku myös postinumeron mukaan
  • Smart Routes: Aiemman liikennehistorian mukaan eri reittivaihtoehdoissa otetaan huomioon kellonaika ja päivämäärä.
  • Erittäin tarkat High Resolution kartat


3D-näkymä 3D-rakennuksilla ja lisäksi nopeusrajoitukset ja nopeuskameroiden varoitukset (ei Ranskan kartassa)



Käyttäjäkohtaisesti muokattava näyttö, jolloin saadaan oman maun mukaiset kiinnostavat kohteet kartalle (esim. leirintäalueet, huoltoasemat, ostoskeskukset ym.ym.)



Kaistaopastus kertoo kuljettajalle oikeat ajokaistat ja Dynamic TMC Route Guidance ottaa huomioon mahdolliset liikenneruuhkat ja kiertotiet (TMC ei ole Suomessa käytössä)



Maamerkit ja rakennukset tyylikkäinä 3D-kuvina (Käytössä suurimmissa kaupungeissa).

Perfect System Integration

It requires extensive research and detailed understanding of the vehicle to design a Head Unit that perfectly integrates with the vehicle's electronic systems. The X800D-S906 is fully compatible with the V-Class steering wheel control buttons and the multi-information display in the instrument cluster to maintain all important vehicle functions. The system also automatically “wakes” when the driver unlocks the doors.

Video Playback

The X800D-S906 allows you to enjoy movies, music videos or? TV shows from many different sources, such as DVDs from the built-in optical drive, USB sticks, latest smartphones with HDMI output or portable video devices connected to the A/V connector (optional cables may be required). You can also connect your iPod or iPhone to enjoy your video content on the large 8-inch display. For driving safety the video playback feature is only available if the vehicle is not in motion.

HDMI Connection

Connect your HDMI enabled smartphone or portable media player via HDMI connection to enjoy all your video content on the X800D-S906’s high-resolution display. Full digital data transfer and the WVGA display ensure excellent image quality. An optional HDMI cable (KCU-610HD for iPhone, Sony Xperia ACRO and Motorola, etc or KCU-610MH for HTC ONE, Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z, etc) is required.

Alpine TuneIt App for Tuning and Keeping in Touch

The X800D-S906 works with Alpine’s cool and convenient Alpine TuneIt App to bring you custom sound tuning features right from your smartphone.
You can upload your sound settings to the Alpine Cloud Server to share them with other Alpine fans, and see their settings. The app also displays Facebook messages, lets you “Like” them and even reads them to you!
Download Alpine TuneIt App with TTS from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Bass Engine SQ

The X800D-S906 puts the power of advanced sound processing in your car with BASS ENGINE SQ to maximise bass sound and overall tone balance, plus lots of custom tuning functions like Digital Time Correction and 9-Band Parametric EQ. Best of all, you can control them easily from your smartphone with the Alpine TuneIt App.

Built-in Bluetooth® Technology

The built-in Bluetooth® module allows wireless connection of a mobile phone for hands-free communication, while frequent software updates ensure full compatibility with the latest phones. A very intuitive user interface makes it very easy to operate and also includes a speed dial function for the most frequently called numbers. Bluetooth® also enables audio streaming from the phone: audio content or even internet radio can be wirelessly transferred to the X800D-S906.

High-end Sound Quality

Alpine is known worldwide for excellent sound quality. Our audio specialists engineered the X800D-S906 with greatest attention to detail - from selection of high-grade components to extensive audio tuning - to deliver a high-end sound experience for the V-Class. The system also offers many sound adjustment functions such as digital time correction and professional equalisation to allow users to adjust the system to their own preferences.

Extra Convenience for Two Users

If you and your spouse or another person frequently drive the car, you can both save your own user profile. When you enter the car, Bluetooth automatically connects the phone and initiates your profile. The profile includes the basic operating screen as well as favourites, phonebook, radio presets and camera view. You don’t have to manually input settings each time, saving time and making your whole system more convenient to use.

Customise Your Unit for Personal Use

My Favourites lets you put three pages with each eight frequent actions on one screen for one-touch selection, and arrange the layout the way you want it by dragging icons. Tune in your favourite radio stations, search your favourite POI categories, or call your favourite people without scrolling through the phone book. You can also select the background colour and match audio settings to your car model. And all this works for two people, based on Bluetooth phone recognition.

Navigation. Perfected.

The integrated premium navigation system is the perfect co-pilot, whether for a long vacation journey, a business trip to another city or simply a family weekend to the countryside.

With many convenient functions to make driving easier, you'll arrive at your destination feeling fresh and relaxed.

Free map update within 30 days after first usage

Within 30 days after the installed unit’s first GPS fix, you can go to to check if there is a map update available and download it free of charge. This ensures that you have the latest map data after purchase.

One Look Display

Our innovative “One Look” split-screen technology allows the driver to view the navigation map and audio playback information at one glance. This eliminates the need to switch between different applications. The user can switch from regular to One Look view with just the touch of a button. This function is especially useful on long highway trips.

Navigation maps and audio playback information can be displayed by innovative split-screen technology

Packed with Advanced Features for More Enjoyable Driving

This Advanced Navi Station has everything you need, no matter what countries you travel in. It covers 47 Western and Eastern European countries with 29 languages for voice guidance and Text-To-Speech in 15 languages.Its enhanced POI database makes it easy to find your favourite places and to explore new areas you have never been to.

Lane Guidance lets the driver know which is the best lane to be in, while Dynamic TMC Route Guidance provides live traffic information to avoid traffic jams.

Easy personalization of driver preferences. For example, see information on camping grounds and trailer restrictions.


Easy input of destinations and POIs such as gas stations, restaurants, etc. by category and by distance.

Maps with 3D Landmarks

3D maps give you a much more realistic view of the area where you are driving. The maps provide hundreds of 3D landmarks and the city maps show 3D buildings, making navigating much easier.

Highway Mode

In addition to a view of the map, this mode gives you various detailed information such as upcoming rest stops, restaurants and petrol stations. You can see the distance and estimate arrival time for more efficient route planning.

Advanced Address Input

You can input postal codes for all European countries, including 7-digit UK codes, which makes searching for addresses quicker. The system even reads partial addresses. Select your own language from 33 different keypads, including Cyrillic and Greek.